Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's my birthday & I'll blog if I want to!

so today I turned 47 and now well into my mid-life! i am not much on FB but have been a bit lately; probably for all the wrong reasons; to spy, to dig & to vent! if I offended any you I do apologize! I was angry but will get into that later. So if I offended you I am sorry, if I confused you well then all I can suggest is ..... well do Mensa or something to up it a bit!

Perhaps the last few years have not been that easy and perhaps life since good old Gonubie days hasn't been that easy but all things considered I have SOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for; and in no particular order:

I am healthy and I thank God for that; at 47 I feel good am fit and still have all my own teeth. I am still considered good looking by a few (21 year olds - yeah right). Look we can't all be as good looking as Princey 007 but at least I beat the hell out of him at Super 15 Superbru each year!

I have my faith in God above who gives me hope in times of trouble and hope for the future in a sometimes despairing and sad world (hey I am a realist - sorry to all the optimists out there). I am not the best Christian out there but my faith is firmly in God above (Father, Son & Holy Spirit - just for clarity sake)!

I am not much for material things but I do have a lot to be thankful for; we (Sim1 & I) have a good business with so much potential and we have done (achieved) so many good things together even though with "blood, sweat and tears" in the last 12 years. We have now together ok mostly (Sim1) designed an awesome software system which could take us to another level and if so all I can say is well done Sim you deserve (see then you won't have to find a rich old man to "take out" - you can just do it your way1) everything that comes to you.

I have a nice car (Audi A1 - ok sim will claim this but hey position is 90% of the law), I have a stunning bike. Honda VT750S

but I find this does not really pull the "chics" like my last year random (for no reason at all) gift from Sim. This adds to my eccentric side as I zoot round Morningside side on my "Bigboy" hey I have a family member to keep up to - my Dear Aunty Joyce used to race (fast walk) around Morningside at all hours clocking up huge mileage. (I don't have time  to walk)

I have friends (not many I am picky) old .....

sorry one person left out here (very old this one) ...

and some "young and crazy" i climbed in the car the other morning to find a half drunk whiskey & water glass "stolen from Hops" standing in the console. I had to laugh and just thought "welcome to Casey's world" ....

then i also have a stunning little home, which house my children by day and us by night ... my 2 little "joys"

Tiffany - my little "girl"
& well then her younger brother ... alias "Al-queda" "Bin :Laden" "No damit No" but born Kingston!

I also have a real child .... one of the main loves of my life!
My prayer for you is that you have an awesome high school career (just like you had in junior) you have your mom's talents and your dad's determination - with the 2 you will do well.

so actually i have enough to be thankful for on this day ....

I also have a personal trainer and back at gym this year so that is cool Jaco (i post this pic just for you chics ok - look he just hooked up again a week or so ago so "taken" but look he can't really hang onto girls for that long so he will be on the "market" soon) so mate thanks we going to get into it this year. Jaco has also become a friend and someone who I can off-load to when I work out (just for the record put on 10 kg's of pure muscle in 2014 - so PT do work and are worth every cent). Jaco just so that you know it takes a lot of effort to talk while you being "jagged" by a wanna-be seargent major!

ok girls so this is for you ...... 

I also have a life coach (just like you Sim "Rory") except mine is a pro and comes at about R750/hour. Ok look I haven't met him yet we meet this Thursday and his job is to make me a nicer person (got his work cut out hey!) ok serious Sir I hope you help me add to my virtues and help me through my insecurities (i promise I will work with you and not against you - even though I may be schizoid) all that I ask is that I don't have to lie down on a couch, can we please sit like on normal chairs or coached and just chat and can I please have a still water please each session (I reckon at your expense!)

so all things considered I have a lot to be grateful for ......

so i hit a bit of a "speedbump" a few days ago and to be honest i probably (i speak figuratively) put the speedbump up and then rode down the road at 180 and crashed so I probably have myself to blame. Sometimes in life you need to hit speed-bumps to slow you down to notice the beautiful things on the side of the road. 

When I slow down I see am a very lucky person apart from being born with "ten fingers and ten toes" (ok the 4-6 combo on the feet is a bit odd but still 10 hey) ..

and the most beautiful thing I have in life is my soulmate, lover, best friend, etc

also my fiance - ok love now I know I haven't asked you to marry me yet but look its not the sort of thing you "just rush into" but who know one day when we can fill a church we will make a plan. (we will find a small church)

Angel you are my life and my world! We "have holes but we carry on" We have had our ups and our downs but we still make an awesome team. 

You spoil me like today I got coffee in bed (ok i get that every morning) english breakfast (wll egg on toast) and lots of gifts ..... levi jeans, KK something cologne & world cup rugby ex-box game .... so that was cool.

Then last but not least I got this - I haven't seen it yet it was just put into day. Was supposed to be a huge surprise but I "stuffed" that up ............. the water needs to settle so the pic is not that clear! And the cool thing is they came in twice a month to maintain it so you all don't need to pray for the "survival of nemo" it's out of my hands!
my very own sea tank with my very own 2 x NEMO'S


SO TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT ME BIRTHDAY WISHES, THOSE THAT STILL WILL AND THOSE THAT DIDN'T (I am not very good with sending so you are just like me) ...



and remember if I can teach you one thing 


Friday, 7 November 2014


So we doing a retention for the acting head of metro police. reason he is acting i think is because the proper head is suspended i think pending some investigation into lying about his qualifications (look i stand to be corrected about this - its not like i have researced it or anything) so anyway the "acting head" is taking a number off his car and putting it on his new car and wants  number plates for both cars. no problem we make number plates but only sabs approved as the bold plates are illegal.

no sir not good enough for the "acting head of police" he insists he will have both sets in bold and we will provide them - so in my prayers last night i had to tell God "sorry to break the news to you but you been demoted to "god" with a little "g" cause the god with a big "G" is now running the police force down here in dbn and riding around in his beemer with illegal plates

this is going to be the same guy that will fine you for your lowered suspension and bold paltes - not sure what the fine is now for bold plates is - it used to be R600 / plates but i think its gone up now to R1000 / plate.

all i can say is "what kind bru?" and there has to be like a facepalm pickie here somewhere .....

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hi All, and welcome to my blog. Here I will share my opinions mostly on vehicle licensing (which is what we do and what our website is essentially about) and related topics; of course being fairly outspoken I guess some of my personal opinions will also feature here.

Vehicle licensing one would think is a pretty boring subject and I personally describe it in the same way when people ask me what i do. I say "jeez man I got the most boring job in the world do you really want to know?". Having said this I enjoy small business in SA it is probably one of the most challenging places to start and attempt to build up a business from scratch, which is what we have done. So this blog is also about small business and its challenges!

We work with our own staff, motor dealers staff (mostly sales executives) and licensing department staff. This is quite challenging in itself as its gives us insight into the dynamics of car dealerships on one side and government departments on another. So this blog will also be about people at work and some of the funny, stupid, sometimes good things, irritating, incompetent things that come out of this mix of groups.

It will also be informative so I hope you will follow my blog and I am sure you can comment back on topics. I will try keep it as interesting and succinct as possible.

Also follow us on Twitter
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where I like to post "snap" comments of delays at licensing departments, power outages, systems down etc which is helpful for you to keep your customers informed.

Ignorance is not "bliss" its more like "stupidity" so keeping yourself informed is a good thing!

have a good day and hey hey hey its friday! Go Sharks go!